It is our aim at Tucker Lath and Plastering Inc. to provide a high quality product with quality service to match. Our goal is to work with the best in the business on high end custom homes and commercial buildings. We strive to be efficient and safe while providing our service. Customer satisfaction and how we are viewed by our customer is important to us.

We specialize in high quality plaster finishes, ranging from smooth cement finishes, semi smooth acrylic finishes to polished limestone plaster. We also offer custom color matching.

Our interior plaster division provides a high quality plaster finish ranging from a one coat veneer plaster with integral color to a three coat polished limestone plaster with integral color.

Our journeyman plastering foremen have combined experience of over 85 years. They have specialized training in polished limestone finishes, Italian interior plaster finishes and natural hydraulic limestone plaster. We strive to be up to date on new techniques and products coming to our market. Our lathing foremen have a combined experience of over 75 years.